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What we do?

OSG develops solutions for neurology and sleep diagnostics.

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Latest News

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  • Antwerp University Hospital uses BrainRT to detect a rare type of epilepsy! 4/04/2018

    VTM program Helden Van De Kinderkliniek shows the 6 year old Lauren who suffers from severe epileptic seizures.

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  • Looking for Embla and Embletta supplies? 6/03/2018

    OSG offers a range of sleep sensors compatible with the titanium and Embletta amplifiers. Contact OSG for more information!

    Click here for a list of Embla and Embletta Supplies

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  • OSG introduces new Polygraphy Amplifier! 27/11/2017

    For Polygraphy recordings OSG offers a new compact amplifier, integrating directly to the RT Software Suite.

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