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OSG develops solutions for neurology and sleep diagnostics.

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  • New Results for our Automatic Hypnogram: BrainRT AI 13/06/2019

    In recent years, OSG has been investing in a new type of automatic analysis based on Artificial Intelligence. By combining novel technology with experience in feature extraction, we add accuracy to our real life data analysis.

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  • Cleveland Clinic 2nd US Hospital to obtain RT Software Suite Research License 7/06/2019

    For the research of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, the Center of Sleep Medicine of Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, has obtained an RT Software Suite research license.

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  • Hospital Clínic of Barcelona acquires BrainRT equipment for PSG and EEG 12/02/2019

    We have recently equiped all Acquisition and Review Units at the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory and Multidisciplinary Sleep Disorders Unit of Hospital Clinic Barcelona with the RT Software.

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