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What we do?

OSG develops solutions for neurology and sleep diagnostics.

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  • OSG releases new RT Software Suite 3.2 27/10/2016

    OSG has released a new RT Software Suite Version 3.2. Curious about the new features? OSG has created a video highlighting the most important new features, as well as a newsletter covering all new features.

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  • OSG now compatible with any TCD device for video + audio recording 5/10/2016

    OSG has developed a brand new interface for OR monitoring, allowing to record images and audio from any Trans Cranial Doppler device as video of the EEG acquisition.

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  • OSG installs BrainRT-Draeger interface 20/07/2016

    At ULB Hôpital Erasme Brussels and Erasmus MC Rotterdam, OSG has completed the first installations of the BrainRT - Draeger interface.

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