Complete Solutions

Integration in your Hospital environment

We can seamlessly integrate our software in your existing hospital environment and provide local training.

Our RT software is compatible with the latest hospital infrastructure, giving you many benefits over an isolated installation:

  • Your staff can score registrations from home, using your remote login system to the hospital application server
  • All data is (and will be) maintained by ICT, giving you full control over storage management and data security
  • Archive your data directly on your hospital servers, where it can be compressed & encrypted by you
  • By connecting our database with your Hospital Information System, we can avoid the little typing errors in patient information which every user wishes to avoid
  • Several virtualization solutions for effortless distribution of our client application to all users
Check our different topics for an overview of all supported solutions!

Let's make it work!

As we strongly believe every situation is different, we would like to discuss the best solution for your use case. That's why we would like to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you.