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HL7 Communication

The SleepRT™/BrainRT™ software provides connections to the Hospital Information System (HIS) using HL7 communication. Picture of HIS communication

HL7 QRY-response connection

With the QRY-response connection, all patient information is filled in automatically once you’ve entered the patient ID or visit number.

HL7 ADT unsolicited connection

This connection sends the patient data from HIS to SleepRT and updates the patient data automatically.

HL7 SIU/ORM connection

This connection sends the measurement requests from HIS to the SleepRT database. The following HL7 messages are supported: SIU and ORM.

HL7 ORU reports

HL7 ORU reports connection enables the user to send PSG reports directly to the Electronic Patient Record in PDF, Word or text format, making it available to all medical staff. The following formats are possible:

  • ORU with embedded PDF
  • ORU with link to PDF
  • ORU with embedded txt
  • ORU with link to PDF and embedded txt
This combination is particularly useful when a letter with a conclusion about the investigation should be sent to the attending doctor or general practitioner:
  • PDF is automatically included in patient’s medical record
  • Txt is automatically sent as a letter to the general practitioner

Technical information

The BrainRT/SleepRT software is compatible with HL7 standard 2.4.

For a list of sample messages and other technical information about the HL7 communication options for configuration, log in to our customer area and download the IServer+ manual.

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