Neurologic processing

IC Monitoring

The BrainRT™ software includes many features for practical EEG monitoring on the Intensive Care Unit.

Example of Intensive Care Monitoring, with a very clear pattern of seizures visible on the spectrogram and Hilbert transform

  • Real Time analysis of EEG signals, produces overview trends for quick assessment of the patient’s state. Some highly useful trends produced by the real time spectral analysis include the spectrogram and ECG frequency trend.
  • Real Time monitoring allows the physician to follow the complete recording from his office.
  • "Patient monitor Interface" allows including vital signals from Philips IntelliVue monitors, such as cardio-respiratory parameters, to the EEG signals.

Real Time EEG analyses
  • Spectrogram
  • Brain Symmetry Index
  • Alpha to Delta ratio
  • Fast to Slow ratio
  • Sleep Rhythms (spindles, alpha, delta, theta, beta)
  • Cerebral Function Monitor (CFM)
  • Burst suppression
  • Dominant frequency
  • Average amplitude
  • Spectral edge
Assessment of sleep stages in ICU
ICU Sleep stages

The sleep pattern of critical care patients plays an important role in the speed of recovery of an Intensive Care patient.

The BrainRT™ software includes all the automatic analyses to create an automatic hypnogram hypnogram and gives feedback about the sleep quality of the IC patient.