Sleep data processing


Example of MSLT recording of a narcolepsy patient. The patient is free to move around at times between tests and data are usually not stored at these times. The resulting acquisition consists of 5 separate recordings.

SleepRT™ offers useful tools to acquire Multiple Sleep Latency Tests and Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests. All tests are recorded in one single acquisition and the MSLT report contains all tests as well as an automatic calculation of the average sleep latency.

During a sleep latency test, you can already start scoring your previous tests while keeping an eye on the current acquisition. Thanks to real time automatic analysis of the sleep stages, you get a valuable decision support tool while scoring.

Report templates for MWT and MSLT

Making an MSLT or MWT report is easy with SleepRT, as it features automatic detection of start and stop times of the different recordings, of the sleep latency for each stage and automatic calculation of the mean sleep latency.

An example of an MSLT report is given in the figure below.

In addition, you can store MSLT and MWT results in the ShellPlus database.