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Real Time Monitoring

One of the key features of the BrainRT software is the possibility for live monitoring: all EEG acquisitions can be opened on any BrainRT review station for a live connection to the running signals and video images.

Principle of real time monitoring in the BrainRT software More than one BrainRT review station can monitor a running measurement at the same time, with complete independence in display settings and review of previous parts of the acquisition. And all this without influencing the signal running on the acquisition station!

Essential for Long Term Monitoring

Live monitoring is essential when performing long term monitoring.
It enables the physician to keep an eye on his patients from his office review station, without compromising the live surveillance of the local Intensive Care or other critical care unit where the EEG monitoring takes place.

No need for external software to perform live monitoring

Live monitoring is available to all users of the BrainRT/SleepRT software and can even be used from a remote location (for example a physician’s home).
There is no need for external software packages to do this (such as VNC or remote desktop); the possibility for live monitoring is available within the BrainRT/SleepRT software. The only requirement is a network connection between the BrainRT/SleepRT acquisition station and the BrainRT/SleepRT review station.

Live monitoring guaranteed, even when network connectivity problems occur

Diagram of local buffering Thanks to the BrainRT unique monitoring software, temporary network connection dips are no problem for the live monitoring function.
For network connection dips of up to 2 minutes, all data are buffered on the acquisition station for subsequent transferral after restore of the network connection. When the connectivity problem takes more than 2 minutes, data recorded during this period is stored locally and once the connection is restored, the data transmission continues with live data.

Use the Monitoring station as a control unit

Apart from live viewing and reviewing of running measurements, the monitoring station can perform the following actions on the running measurement: add notes and events, control IP cameras, perform photo-stimulation and impedance checks.

Real Time alarms for vital signals

Alarms for different types of signals, also possible: alarm on event button The BrainRT software includes alarms for vital signals and other related events. These alarms can be programmed to produce sound or a flashing of the acquisition screen. It is even possible to transfer these alarms to the beeper of the attending physician or technician.

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