Neurologic processing

Research solutions

The BrainRT™  software offers multiple options for research, both for acquisition of EEG data and for post-analysis. By offering a wide range of export possibilities of the recorded data, BrainRT™  provides an ideal interface to external analysis programs.

  • Real Time export to Matlab®
  • Export of RR intervals for spectral analysis of HRV
  • Import of EEG signals in various formats
  • EEG acquisition with multiple amplifiers
  • Acquisition from Philips IntelliVue
  • Custom filters and events for data analysis
  • Extensive reporting options

Data Export Possibilities in BrainRT™ 

If you are using a dedicated software program for further data analysis, BrainRT™  offers multiple ways for exporting data to your software program:.

  • Real Time export to Matlab® for signals and events

    Thanks to this interface, it is possible to run Real Time Matlab® coded analyses on signals recorded with the BrainRT™  equipment. One click on the Matlab® icon in BrainRT™  launches the Matlab® analysis for the current measurement, making the feature easily available to both research and clinical users.

  • Export to EDF and EDF+

  • Export to EEGLAB and ERPLAB

    The EEGLAB and ERPLAB user interface includes an import module for signals in BrainRT™ format.

  • Export to ASCII for RR intervals and raw data
    • For further analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), BrainRT™ offers the possibility to export RR intervals produced by the ECG analysis in ASCII format. These ASCII files are directly compatible with Kubios ( which is a free analysis program for Heart Rate Variability based on Matlab®, offering frequency domain and time domain information about HRV.
    • For functional connectivity and network analysis of EEG signals with BrainWave (, a Java based application developed by the group of professor Stam (VUmc Amsterdam), you can export EEG signals in BrainRT™ to ASCII format and select the order of the traces in order to support import in BrainWave.
  • Export to Excel for events and analysis results

  • Export to XML for trends and analysis results

In addition, BrainRT™ signals can be opened with Persyst software for spike and seizure detection.
The signals can also be analyzed in Cartool and SPM.

Analysis of EEG signals with BrainRT™

The BrainRT™ software is a powerful solution for post-analysis of EEG data. By offering multiple automatic EEG analyses and features, one software solution can cover a wide range of applications.

For an overview of all Automatic EEG Analyses and Trends, go to the BrainRT™ analysis software section!

Not only can you choose which analyses you want to perform, you can also configure a displayer which contains a personalized number of trends and events. This includes an intuitive derivation editor to create new EEG derivations in a quick way.

The following data formats are supported for analysis of EEG data:

  • All files in EDF or EDF+ format
  • Micromed file format (TRC format, System98 format)
  • Philips format (Alice 6, Alice PDx, ...)
  • Embla format (titaniumTM, N7000, ...)

OSG offers a range of instruction video's and manuals as a guidance during your first sessions with the BrainRT™ software.