Sleep data processing

SleepRT™ for research

The SleepRT™ software offers solutions for PSG research, both for acquisition of PSG data and for the analysis afterwards. By offering a wide range of export possibilities of the recorded data, SleepRT™ provides an ideal interface to external analysis programs.

Key Features:
  • Real Time export to Matlab
  • Export of RR intervals for spectral analysis of HRV
  • Import of EEG signals in various formats
  • EEG acquisition with multiple amplifiers
  • Acquisition from Philips IntelliVue
  • Custom filters and events for data analysis
  • Extensive reporting options
Export possibilities in SleepRT

SleepRT™ is compatible with the following export formats:

  • Export to Matlab (signals and events): real time or off-line data export
  • Export to ASCII (for raw data and RR intervals; possibility to select epochs for export)
  • Export to Excel for events and analysis results
  • Export to XML for trends and analysis results
  • Export to EDF and EDF+
  • Analysis in SPM, EEGLAB and Cartool
SleepRT™ for research with mice

An application typically related to research is the acquisition of PSG recordings from mice and rats. In order to guarantee easy sleep scoring and EEG analyses for these acquisitions, SleepRT™ includes the possibility to score sleep epochs of 4 seconds (required for scoring sleep stages for mice). For further analysis, you can export spectral analysis data and sleep stage info to Excel or other programs.