Software & Supplies

SleepRT™ analysis software


The SleepRT software is perfectly suitable for analysis of polygraphy signals. The software can read data from many different devices. In addition, the software can analyze all data in EDF and EDF+ format.

The SleepRT software is compatible with the following amplifiers:

  • All Embla devices
  • Philips Respironics Alice 6
  • All Micromed devices
  • Temec recorders
  • All recorders with EDF and EDF+ export

Embletta® Nox-T3® Alice PDx Porti® Braebon® Medibyte

Import protocol for signals

The first time you import the signal, you can assign signal types, views and analysis settings to the signal.

If you save these import settings in a protocol, by the second time you import this type of signal, the SleepRT software detects the signal type automatically and uses the correct protocol for importing the signal.

Uniform methods for analysis and reporting with SleepRT™

With SleepRTTM you can gather all PSG and PG acquisitions in one single database and use one single software package for signal review.

SleepRT offers Automatic Sleep Analyses in order to speed up the scoring process for PSG recordings. During the acquisition, it is possible to run Automatic SleepRT Analyses in real time. It is also possible to perform the analyses after the recording is finished.