Neurologic processing

Video acquisition

BrainRT™ offers a very powerful interface for live video acquisition together with the EEG signals.

It combines Full HD video recordings with efficient compression, resulting in high image quality at compact file size. With the Multiple Camera option, it is even possible to record the patient’s face in close-up as well as the complete body. Live monitoring of video recordings is possible from a remote location. And thanks to a choice of different cameras it is easy to find a good camera solution for every recording situation.

Features for Video-EEG acquisitions

  • Highly accurate Synchronized Video-EEG acquisition
  • Automatic start of video recording with EEG signal recording
  • Normal (640 x 480) to Full HD (1920 x 1080) camera resolution available
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality directly in the BrainRT™ video window, also from remote locations!
  • Split screen window for videoLive and Replay option
  • Choice of different camera configurations to adapt the video recording to the application!
  • Option for multiple cameras: during the recording, you can record a close-up of the patient’s face toether with a shot of the patient’s full body for very accurate review possibilities of the patient’s actions. The BrainRT™ software allows for post-recording clipping of both recordings without any loss of sync.

Features for Video-EEG review

  • Review at reduced (1/2 or 1/4) or accelerated speed (2x, 5x, 10x, 32x, 64x)
  • Flexible display options: separate video window, integrated in screen, or video on a separate screen
  • Automatic sync of video images with cursor
  • Automatic sync of video images when scrolling through signal or event browser
  • Video clipping option (without loss of synchronization with EEG)
  • Digital zoom option during review
  • Frame by frame replay

  • Ceiling-mounted camera with pan-tilt functions

    Pan Tilt Zoom cameras

    The BrainRT™ equipment offers cameras with remote control "Pan Tilt Zoom".

    By clicking on the video window directly in BrainRTTM, you can move the camera to the desired position or zoom in on a point of interest. This is possible not only on the acquisition station, but also on a monitoring station!

    • Remote control of IP cameras inside the BrainRT™ software
    • Predefine your positions inside the camera (bed, chair, desk etc.)
    • Remote control also possible on a monitoring station!

    Camera with fixed lens

    Cameras for mobile EEG carts
    The BrainRT™ equipment offers easy camera solutions for mobile EEG carts. Not only can you mount a camera on the mobile cart, BrainRT™ also offers separate standards for optimal positioning of the camera for patient recording.

    • Built-in camera standard on EEG cart
    • Separate standard for camera

    Mini-dome camera

    HD & Full HD cameras
    The BrainRT™ equipment offers high quality images for its video recordings, using HD and Full HD cameras.

    • Efficient compression: HD images with excellent quality at only 900 MB/hour
    • Efficient network communication: video signals are compressed inside the camera before passing on the network
    • Digital zoom during review reveals high quality images
    • The BrainRT™ software is compatible with Ultra-HD screens for optimal review of your HD/Full HD video recordings

    Mini-dome camera

    Infra-red cameras
    The BrainRT™ equipment offers cameras infra-red mode for high quality night recordings. An automatic switch to night vision by the camera ensures clear images in dark rooms. For easy installation, BrainRT™ has camera with built-in infra-red lights.

    • Automatic switch of camera between Night/Day view
    • Auto-focus of camera when switching from Day/Night mode
    • Different types of IR lamps to suit every application (also mobile solutions available)