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What we do?

OSG develops solutions for neurology and sleep diagnostics.

Jobs @ OSG

  • Software Engineer

    Looking for a job as a Software Engineer? We are hiring!

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  • Junior Software Engineer

    Looking for a job as a Junior Software Engineer for Sleep Research and Brain Research? Come and join our team!

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Latest News

  • Hospital Clínic of Barcelona acquires BrainRT equipment for PSG and EEG 12/02/2019

    We have recently equipped all Acquisition and Review Units at the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory and Multidisciplinary Sleep Disorders Unit of Hospital Clinic Barcelona with the RT Software.

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  • OSG informs its customers about Brexit Consequences! 30/01/2019

    We have received a lot of questions regarding Brexit, and the continuity for deliveries. We would like to inform our customers that there will be no important impact for them, as only one minor supplier of USB cables is located in the UK.

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  • Laatste info over de OSG Workshops verstuurd! 26/11/2018

    Intussen zijn alle plaatsen van de Workshops volzet. Alle deelnemers krijgen een e-mail met laatste info toegestuurd. Toch geen e-mail ontvangen? Contacteer OSG via info@osg.be voor meer info over jouw deelname.

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