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  • OSG introduces new Polygraphy Amplifier! 27/11/2017

    For Polygraphy recordings OSG offers a new compact amplifier, integrating directly to the RT Software Suite.

    Apart from the traditional signals such as RIP belts, SpO2, nasal flow and thermistor, this Polygraph offers a unique effort detection tool by means of mandibulatory movement. In addition, the recorder offers one multi-use channel (for EMG, ECG, Pneumotachograph).

    Click here for the Somnolter Brochure

  • Mayo Clinic obtains RT Software Suite Research License 17/08/2017

    For the research of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, the Center of Sleep Medicine of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, has obtained an RT Software Suite research license.

    "Specifically for research purposes, OSG has developed a flexible ""RBD Tool"" which allows to calculate the SINBAR criteria for different muscle types. "

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  • RIZIV publishes new Belgian reimbursement rules for CPAP and MRA treatment 9/01/2017

    On the 1st of January 2017, the new reimbursement rules for OSAS treatment come into function, as published by the Belgian Institute for Disease and Disability

    This includes the possibility to use polygraphy as a tool to measure the efficacy of MRA treatment and the OAHI as criterium for qualification to CPAP/MRA treatment.

    OSG offers all the necessary reporting tools in order to give easy access to these newly requested parameters. Contact us for more info!

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  • OSG releases new RT Software Suite 3.2 27/10/2016

    OSG has released a new RT Software Suite Version 3.2. Curious about the new features? OSG has created a video highlighting the most important new features, as well as a newsletter covering all new features.

    Looking for a detailed explanation of the latest features? Check out the Application Notes located in the Customer Area of the OSG website.

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  • OSG now compatible with any TCD device for video + audio recording 5/10/2016

    OSG has developed a brand new interface for OR monitoring, allowing to record images and audio from any Trans Cranial Doppler device as video of the EEG acquisition.

    It is even possible to record TCD images as well as live images of the Operation Room, thanks to the BrainRT video option to record up to 4 camera's!

    Contact OSG if you wish to integrate TCD images in your EEG monitoring device.

  • OSG installs BrainRT-Draeger interface 20/07/2016

    At ULB Hôpital Erasme Brussels and Erasmus MC Rotterdam, OSG has completed the first installations of the BrainRT - Draeger interface.

    The BrainRT - Draeger interface allows to record data from the BrainRT device and Draeger device simultaneously. By bringing all data together in one software, the interpretation of the patient status becomes a lot more efficient!

  • BrainRT software integrates data from NIRS device via Philips IntelliVue monitor 1/07/2016

    OSG offers the possibility to record EEG data simultaneously with the haemodynamic data from the Philips IntelliVue monitor. This now includes cerebral oxygen saturation (through NIRS technology).

    By bringing all relevant information together in one software, real time surveillance especially of neonates on the Intensive Care Unit becomes a lot more efficient.

  • OSG supports Go-Pro camera for ambulatory recordings 31/12/2015

    In its latest software version, OSG supports the GoPro camera format for ambulatory recordings!

    This allows parents of children with epilepsy under EEG surveillance to capture seizures on video, even when the patient is not inside the house. Thanks to a smart watch, the parents can easily initiate video recording of the Go-Pro camera when their child has a seizure.

    In the OSG software, all video recordings are linked and time locked to the EEG data for easy review of EEG signals and video.

  • Automatic Periodic Leg Movement Analysis Validated 11/12/2015

    The Automatic PLM Analysis in RT Software Suite has been validated as a perfectly reliable scoring tool!

    In her validation essay, PhD Ambra Stefani of the Neurologische Schlaflabor in Innsbruck, Austria found excellent correspondance to manual scoring: 97% Sensitivity, 1% False positives

    Download the Poster

  • OSG creates new HL7 connection: PSG results to EPD 7/08/2015

    With this new connection, OSG offers the ability to send single result values such as the AHI, the percentage of REM and other important values of the sleep recording.

    This allows to represent the PSG results in a more efficient way in the Electronic Medical Record. It also reduces the amount of work for the secretary typing reference letters to the GP.

  • OSG creates new report functionality: Split Night reports 15/06/2015

    In BrainRT v3.1, OSG has created a new reporting function, to compare different parts of the acquisition in one report.

    You simply enter the start and stop time of each reporting period and get a full report, including an overview table for easy comparison.

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  • Martini Ziekenhuis disproofs Sleepspray 9/04/2015

    Martini Ziekenhuis has tested a Sleepspray for EditieNL which claims to have a beneficient effect on deep sleep.

    As the sleep technicians point out: the spray does not reduce sleep onset latency in a significant way. However, if the patient benefits from a soothing fragrance, a lavender plant will do the trick just as well.

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  • BrainRT software installation on Philips IntelliVue 8/04/2015

    On the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in UZ Leuven, the IT department and OSG have completed installation of the BrainRT software directly on the Philips IntelliVue iPC (MX800).

    This implementation allows the EEG specialists to perform multi-modal IC monitoring without packing the room with additional material. All you need is the EEG headbox!

  • CHU Besançon bans reusable thermistors 7/04/2015

    CHU Besançon introduces disposable thermistors in the sleep lab, in order to guarantee patient safety with regard to infection and disease. The alternative: ThermoCan, which is cannula-and-thermistor-in-one.

    The ThermoCan is the patient friendly solution for AASM compliant sleep recording. Instead of using two separate nose inserts (one for the cannula and one for the thermistor), the ThermoCan offers a single nose insert for two signal recordings.

  • OSG creates BrainRT installation manual for App-V 5.0 virtualization 6/04/2015

    The BrainRT and SleepRT software are now compatible with App-V 5.0 for software virtualization. Check our customer area to download the manual.

    OSG offers a complete App-V manual for software virtualization, which allows you to implement the software in the hospital's virtual desktop. This allows the application to follow the user on every computer he wishes to continue working for maximum flexibility.

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