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License Management

The BrainRT/SleepRT software is protected by licenses. There are two types of licenses:

  • Network license
    In this case, the license is accessible to the clients through the hospital network. The network key defines the options each user can use and how many concurrent users can run SleepRT. The licenses are “floating” which means that a license is only occupied when in use. Thanks to this implementation, it is possible to install the SleepRT software on a large number of computers and use it in a flexible way throughout the hospital.
  • Local license
    In this case, the license is attached to one computer and serves as license only for this computer. The advantage of this is that a user is always sure the license will be available. All acquisition stations have a local license.

Software license/hardware license

It is possible to get a hardware-based (USB) or software-based (activation code) license. For virtual servers, the software-based license is very practical.

Appropriate software

Software for using the network key and the drivers for the USB dongle are distributed with the SleepRT/BrainRT installation software.

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