Sleep data processing

Routine PSG

PSG routine voorbeeld

The SleepRT™ equipment offers a perfect solution for PSG acquisitions in the daily clinical practice. Not only can you start an acquisition and start saving signals and video in one smooth procedure; thanks to the use of multiple measuring protocols it takes only the correct protocol choice to switch between different types of acquisition.

Three displayer review

Three displayer layout

With the SleepRT™ software, you can choose how to review the PSG signals. The “three displayer” screen layout allows you to view trends, EXG signals and respiratory signals, all with their appropriate time base and in synchrony with each other. It is also possible to get a single displayer with all signals on the same time base. Please check the SleepRT™ brochure for more information!

SleepRT™ automatic analyses for sleep scoring

To ensure fast and accurate scoring, the SleepRT™ software includes PSG analyses that can be performed as the recording is being made. By the time the recording is finished, it is possible to create a preliminary report and make adaptations to the automatic scoring results if necessary.

Manual scoring in SleepRT

The SleepRT™ software includes many functions to facilitate scoring: user defined shortcut keys to enter events and sleep stages, a cursor tool for automatic entry of correct event type, and an Event Browser to look up events such as the deepest dip, lowest heart rate etcetera. Double-clicking on an event brings you to it in the measurement. In addition, the flexible signal display and analysis settings allow you to make changes to a measurement display and analysis settings in case of artifacts.

Use of Word templates in SleepRT

All reports in SleepRT™ are made in Word format. SleepRT™ includes a number of predefined PSG report templates which include all useful numbers and figures of the sleep registration. With the report manager you can easily add cuttings of the recording to the report. The technician can add the sleep diary of the patient, and the doctor can add his conclusion. Additionally, you can make adaptations to the default templates to create your own customized report, by adding custom fields, the logo of the hospital, customized SleepRT™ calculations etcetera.