Sleep data processing

Sleep EEG recordings

SleepRT™ example of sleep epilepsy acquisition with 10/20 EEG recording, respiratory effort bands, EOG, EMG and ECG. The recording includes two HD cameras for optimal recording of the patient's actions.

With the SleepRT™ equipment it is possible to extend the limited number of EEG electrodes of the standard PSG AASM montage to 32 or even 64 channels. This is a useful function for patients with indications of sleep epilepsy. The SleepRT™ software includes many features for practical EEG review. Especially useful are the automatic EEG analyses, which produce several overview trends for quick assessment of the patient’s state over a 12 hour sleep-EEG recording. The example includes a two camera recording for optimal visualisation of the patient's actions.

Review features:

  • Intuitive derivation creator to create referential, bipolar, average and source derivations
  • Cursor tool to measure EEG amplitudes
  • Cursor tool to determine dominant frequency and occurrence of asymmetry between left and right hemisphere