Neurologic processing

Epilepsy Monitoring

The BrainRT™ equipment is perfectly suitable for epilepsy monitoring.

Dual-screenshot: 2 cameras on one screen, 128 channel EEG on second screen

With recorder and cameras communicating over the network, the BrainRT™ equipment provides a modern and powerful solution for epilepsy monitoring which is easy to set up and maintain.

EEG Equipment

The BrainRT™ equipment offers high quality solutions for epilepsy monitoring. Patient comfort is a key feature of the system: ultra light and small amplifiers maximize the mobility of the patient, with up to 256 EEG channels to offer.

64 channel Brainbox Recorder       256 channels Brainbox recorder with IP box and isolation box

These IP amplifiers provide a modern and powerful solution which is easy to set up and maintain. In addition, this amplifier solution includes a digital switch matrix for software controlled selection of stimulation electrodes!

Software controlled stimulation
Software controlled stimulation

The BrainRT™ Epilepsy Monitoring equipment includes a software-controlled stimulation interface.

The digital stimulator box can easily be connected to the EEG amplifiers for automatic selection of the stimulation channels. It has a slot for 1 up to 4 Brainbox 64 channel units comprising 256 channels in total.

HFO Filter

The BrainRT™ software includes a real time High Frequency Oscillations filter. Thanks to this filter, it is possible to visualize the following frequency bands:

  • Ripples: 80 Hz-250 Hz
  • Fast ripples: 250 Hz– 500 Hz

The example below shows some examples of the HFO filter.

  • On the left are both ripples and fast ripples (band pass filter of 80Hz-500Hz).
  • On the right are only fast ripples (band pass filter of 250Hz- 500Hz).

A real time High Frequency Oscillations filter

Ripples and fast ripples can be marked with predefined ‘ripple’ and ‘fast ripple’ events and summarized in the report for each channel or channel selection.

Epilepsy monitoring images
HFO filter HFO filter HFO filter