Neurologic processing

Routine EEG

The BrainRT™  equipment is perfectly adapted for routine EEG acquisitions.

Routine EEG

  • A handy screen set-up with note and event buttons makes it easy to perform all the necessary tasks related to a routine EEG.
  • Different sequences for photic stimulation can be programmed into the BrainRT™ configuration for easy choice of photic stimulation programs.
  • During and after the acquisition, it is easy to switch between different derivations and even to make changes to derivations.
  • Reporting tools: customized report content, possibility to add screen shots and one-click transfer of the report to the patient’s medical record!

Video features

Example of a routine EEG with HD video

  • For excellent video quality, BrainRT™ offers several HD cameras which can be mounted in the ceiling or on a mobile standard.
  • Useful video features include optical zoom during acquisition and digital zoom during review.
  • When storage is limited, the BrainRT™ software offers easy-to-use video clipping without loss of sync with the EEG signals.
  • With the BrainRT™ software you can record multiple cameras for one patient!